Sunday, April 08, 2007

No child’s play Cricket is…….

They went, fought (well it seemed that they tried atleast) and came back not sooner than they left – like a rubber ball thrown to a wall (oh it rhymes). Though Indian cricket team should not have been banked – the way it was hyped to be – to bring home the legendary world cup, the publicity could just have been less, atleast to avoid embarrassments in the future.

Which brings us back to the hot topic of discussion that feed India’s ‘sensational-news-hungry’ news channels – Should cricket be banned in India? (to name one among the thousands). Debates, discussions, SMS polls, and public opinion polls on the topic nourish the advertisement revenue much to the delight of these channels.

Looks like the BCCI felt there’s too much going on and decided to put an end to all of them. After the BCCI meet, there came a host of rules for the players. Ranging from talking to the media to putting a check on their money-spinning ad contracts. Enough reason for the players to be distraught. Given the point that not one of the lead players has any lesser than 15 ad contracts in their hands.

Be that an energy drink or an anti-dandruff hair cream. Not to mention, invariably all the sport goods. Haven’t this question haunted our souls forever and for always ever since we knew cricket? Is there anything our cricket players won’t endorse? Well there is something, how about Cooking Masalas. Sanitary Pads?? And then…. Nope I can’t come up with any. I mean it is simply inconceivable.

They did better at that though. Raised the sales, increased the stock values of their endorsements, and of course bagged more and more of them. Sadly in the process, they seemed to have overlooked their primary responsibility. Playing – in the fields rather than in their shoot spots.

Reports reveal that in a year, our celebrity cricketers spend not less than 60 days in the studios donning make up preparing themselves ready to face the camera to look their best on screens. Well, nothing wrong with that. We only wish that they show a fraction of their dedication - in shooting ad films and endorsing products - on the fields atleast not to embarrass the millions of Indians who bank on them for their almost non-existent performances.

Hoo Haa India, ladega to jeetega, and yes Come On India Dikhado………