Friday, January 04, 2008

Limited Edition!

Ever wondered what manufacturers do when experiments on ‘what could have turned out to be a coolest flavor’ prove to be a damp squib? Simple, they launch a limited edition of that particular product. Who knows? Just in case if the so-called consumers liked it, the product could even become a full-fledged one.

I figured this only recently.

Well, who wouldn’t want to have a taste of Lychee in their mouth every morning they wake up and night before hitting the hay? I did, atleast. Tempted by the idea, without wasting much time I picked the limited edition of ‘Close up – Lychee flavor’ while shopping recently for toiletries.

Bought I did and tried it the same night – only to realize that they didn’t mean the taste would be of a fresh tasting Lychee’s. I tried hard to recollect if atleast one of the fresh Lychee’s I had in the recent past tasted anything remotely or grossly displeasing like this. I fail.

I hate to think, and worse, feel the taste of a foul fruit twice every day in my mouth. To make things worse, I can’t help but repent on blowing money for a tube of toothpaste and end up not using it. I guess I’ll blame myself for the decision until the tube is squeezed to completion.

May be you would want to think twice before buy anything similar, for instance a ‘wood apple flavored toothpaste’ or a ‘paneer flavored face pack’, and of course anything that is limited edition.