Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Five simple steps to know it is inflation:

Now that the hullabaloo surrounding the skyrocketing sensex is over, it’s time to focus on the inflation that is scaling new heights. And it’s quite easy to figure how it affects the life of a common man unlike in the case of sensex. All you have to do is just look around and yeah I did look around and found these:

1. When I decided to go on diet and switched to Parathas, little did I know that the Parathas would go on one too. Thanks to the inflation and soaring prices, the thick and delectable Parathas served at the office canteen thinned down and could easily be seen through if you lifted it up a little bit. So there goes sign number one, the prices won’t always go up but the quantities go down – an interesting balancing equation of sorts.

2. The thinning down formula applies not only to Parathas and Chappathis but for other inedible stuff too. For instance, the newspapers that used to be quite a handful for toilet reading suddenly became awfully slim without prior notice. It’s hard not to feel strange when you finish reading the papers before your nature’s call is over.

3. Now the toilet tissues would hardly get replaced and the liquid soap dispenser almost never gets refilled (at work). If that’s not enough, the TV sets in the canteen would disappear mysteriously, evidently in an attempt at cutting down the expenses for cable subscription.

4. Oh yeah, did you hear the railway announcement that they are going to add a middle berth to the two side-berths in regular and AC sleeper bogies. They actually did it and it makes you feel like you are a consignment of chicken if you are trapped in that seat unluckily.

5. And when the airfares fly through the roof, please also be ready to bear the brunt of infrastructure maintenance costs as the Airports across the nation are planning to levy service charges for passengers.