Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 - Was it the year or was it just me?

While the entire world plunged into recession and sported a gloomy look, I seemed to have had an okay year - taking two vacations in a year, trying out as many restaurants in the city as I can and hitchhiking on a relationship.

The eventful year had…..

1. A trip to Nepal – The tiny Himalayan country was lovely and I AM going back.

Eating out:

a) Bella Ciao – True to its word. Authentic Italian food.
b) Casapicola – Nothing but their Fish.
c) Don Pepe on ECR – Mexican? Excuse me!
d) Eden – Tiny menu but never boring.
e) Galloping Gooseberries – Only for their juiciest mushroom dumplings.
f) Cedars – Gooey affair, order carefully.
g) Osteria @ Deccan Plaza – Good Italian food with a hole in your pocket.
h) Cornucopia – Little on the plate, lots on the bill. The food fine nevertheless.

2. Shantaram, a gripping tale of a convict in the run. The only book that held my attention after The God of Small Things, long after it was finished.

3. Ridley, the Red Eared Slider in my life.

4. A job change that seemed almost imminent and faded into oblivion.

5. A trip to Goa – One can never get enough of this beach state, I guess.

6. Some good movies, thanks to bit torrent and mininova.

7. A wedding engagement in the family.

8. My first trek. Although that would fall in 2009, plans were made in 2008.